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Guidelines for Employees to Follow In Case of a Chemical Spill

Chemicals are corrosive, poisonous and have many other dangerous properties. Before a company thinks of how to deal with chemical spills, it should think of how to prevent the accident from happening. When an employee is found not following the correct process of storing, using transferring, handling and disposing of the chemicals, there should be punishments that will make every employee careful when they are dealing with the chemicals. Employees have to be trained on how to handle chemical spills correctly. These programs will not interfere with the regular schedule of the organization because employees can be trained on the job site as they continue working. The following are guidelines employees should follow when a chemical spill occurs.

Teach the employees about the hazards of the chemicals that are in your laboratory or job site. Give then please all the details on how they should appropriately respond to chemical spill accident. Employees can keep reminding themselves of the response procedure if you put them in writing and hang the written material at a strategic place where they can all see it every day. Gather all the necessary equipment for demonstrating to the employees how the procedures of responding to a chemical spill should be carried out. Ensure that you have enough equipment that can help to take care of the chemical spill immediately to prevent further damages. Check this link to know more!

Employees must quickly communicate to their colleagues all over the premises immediately the chemical spill accident happens. Tell all the employees to move away from the chemical spill no matter how small it may appear. If the spill does not spread rapidly, endanger people or property unless they come into direct contact with it and does not endanger the environment you can clean it up. After assessing the risk of the spill you should evaluate the quantity of the spill to determine if you can clean it up without help from outside. You should finally evaluate the potential of the impact of the spill, and if the impact is not alarming you can consider cleaning it up by yourselves. There may be no compatible chemical in the laboratory at that moment that can neutralize the liquid to make it safe for cleaning. Be sure to click here for more details!

If after evaluating the chemical spill you find out that you can clean it up by yourself you should proceed to recommend the procedures to follow. You should contact the officer in charge of handling hazardous cases in your company because they have to be informed. You should strictly follow the correct cleaning procedure of the kind of chemical spill. Control the liquid from spreading as you are cleaning it up. Contact the officer in charge of handling hazardous cases in your company to guide you on how to package and label the materials that you have disposed of in separate trash because they have been used to clean the chemical. Decontaminated area that you have cleaned up. Learn more about safety at

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